Fresh Plaza office complex was opened in 2008. It is the only class “A” business centre in Vladivostok.  Exterior design with its exclusive high-quality finishing materials meets the demands of the most sophisticated customers and attests to the premium level of the office complex. Open and bright style of business centre, embodying the latest achievements of European architecture, harmoniously fits into the surrounding historic buildings.

Business centre is located in the heart of the city business district, on the main traffic artery Ocean Prospect. Every office offers panoramic views of the Amur and Golden Horn Bays.  Marine and railway stations, regional and city administrations, central city square, main bridge of the city, the best restaurants, comfortable hotels, shopping centres, banks and city view points are all within walking distance.

Design Features

Fresh Plaza business centre has 14 above-ground levels and 2 basements. The average area of each level is about 1500 sq. m. The ceiling height is from 3.6 to 4.5 meters.  Unique architecture of the business centre evokes the latest trends in office space design, with a harmonious blend of glass and metal. The high-quality glazed facade provides pleasant natural light, which also complements the energy-efficient LED panels.

The raised floor system creates a unique style with the custom designed furniture and workplace arrangement. The cubicle walls meet the highest requirements for sound insulation and fire resistance.

Open office space enables tenants to easily create compact offices, general office blocks, and even separate meeting rooms with an area of up to 500 sq. m in any of the available modules. The spacious corridors and high ceilings create a feeling of space.


Fresh Plaza business centre is equipped with an advanced communications network. Each office block has individual heating, air conditioning and ventilation.  Power supply is provided by two independent power sources. If the external power supply is cut off, the system automatically switches to the diesel generator.

Leading Russian telecommunications companies, such as Megafon, Rostelecom, Transtelecom, Beeline, Equant and others, provide the telephone and data communications system.  These companies provide fibre optic lines and satellite TV allowing tenants to keep in touch with the entire world online.

Safety System

Fresh Plaza business centre is equipped with a Building Monitoring System (BMS). This “intellectual core” of the building enables the operation of all internal support systems to be monitored and   information about their condition to be received.  The BMS enables decisions in emergency and abnormal situations to be made quickly.

96 video cameras monitor the entire perimeter of the building and common areas in the business centre. The access control system controls the entrance and exit of employees and visitors via electronic card pass. All the information from the cameras, card readers, access control systems and fire alarm sensors is sent to the control room 24/7, which also monitors the elevator equipment, thereby ensuring the safety of all visitors and workers in the business centre.

Lift Equipment

Lift equipment of the business centre meets the most stringent requirements regarding functionality and reliability. The building has four SIGMA passenger elevators. Including a VIP high-speed elevator that connects the floors with the underground car parking. The capacity of each lift is 13 people, with a speed of 1.75 m per second.

Automatic control system optimizes lifts’ operation so that even in the busiest times queues are avoided, and in case of power failure the system switches to the diesel generator. All the lifts are equipped with cameras.

Restaurants and Cafés

Fresh Plaza business centre has several rest areas, and restaurants and cafés which are open daily.


The Korean restaurant offers fans of gourmet cuisine a constantly updated menu including a variety of dishes.


The coffee shop serves one of the best coffees in the city of Vladivostok, which guests at Fresh Plaza business center can enjoy.


In the lobby of the business centre, there is a currency exchange booth, ATMs, and payment terminals of the leading banks of Primorye.

For visitors and employees of tenants there are everyday and electronic shops. The building also contains a beauty parlor and Beeline office.


Tenants have access to an around the clock guarded parking lot with entrances on Mordovtseva Street and Ocean Prospect. For companies management there is underground parking for 60 cars connected to the offices with high-speed elevators.