Management Company is responsible for the smooth operation of Fresh Plaza business centre. Its office located right in the office complex.

Professional experience in managing commercial real estate and expertise in the dynamics of the real estate market area are the basis of a good relationship between MC and tenants. The experience of working with foreign partners and the extensive portfolio of large Russian companies has brought about a special management style that combines Eastern wisdom and Western innovation.

Management Company on a commercial basis provides the following services to tenants:

  • administrative management;
  • operation and preventive maintenance of the engineering and communication systems;
  • repair of office premises;
  • cleaning of the offices and adjacent territory;
  • security;
  • organization of additional services upon tenant request.

17 Okeanskiy Avenue
Business centre manager – Svetlana Gontsa
Tel: +7 (908) 982-07-50
E-mail: mng@frеsh-plаzа.nеt