Renting Office Space

The open office space enables tenants to easily create compact offices, general office blocks, and even separate meeting rooms with an area of up to 500 sq. m in any of the available modules.

The advanced technical equipment includes access control and security systems, climate control, fire protection, fibre-optic and satellite communications. The complex contains several well-equipped meeting rooms for seminars, lectures and meetings with colleagues.


Renting Commercial Space

The complex contains several public areas that can accommodate your business. Excellent level of space organization, technical equipment of the building, and professionalism of the Management Company provide the most comfortable environment for tenants, which leads to high performance workflow.

For personal advice on renting space in the complex:

Business centre manager – Svetlana Gontsa
Tel.: +7(908) 982-07-50, E-mail: mng@fresh-plaza.nеt