Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East

Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East is a federal executive body that carries out functions in the Far Eastern Federal District to coordinate activities on implementing state and federal targeted programs, including long-term ones, stipulated by the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (in the part of programs and (or) activities of such programs implemented in the Far Eastern Federal District), on managing of federal property located on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District, in the manner and within the limits established by the acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as on controlling the exercise by the public authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation of the powers transferred to them in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, in the manner and within the limits established by this legislation.

The Far East Development Corporation

The Far East Development Corporation is a management company created by the Government of the Russian Federation in order to manage the territories of advanced social and economic development and the Vladivostok Free Port. It is 100% owned by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East

The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East is one of the main institutions for the development of the Russian Far Eastern macro region, which is under the control of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. The Agency carries out its activities in close coordination with the JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East” (the managing company of the territories for advanced development and the Free Port of Vladivostok), “Agency of the Far East on attraction of investments and export support” and JSC “Development Fund of the Far East and Baikal region”.

The mission of the Agency is to ensure the growth and development of human capital in the Far East.

The purpose of the Agency’s activities is a comprehensive solution of issues related to the provision of labor resources to the Far Eastern Federal District, the achievement of positive migration dynamics due to additional inflow of population and its consolidation, as well as the implementation of the provisions of the Law “On the Far Eastern Hectare”.


In 6 Russian regions of the Far Eastern Federal District (Khabarovsk, the Primorye and Kamchatka Territories, the Sakhalin Region, the Jewish Autonomous Region and Chukotka), occupying 13.4% of the territory of the Russian Federation, Dalupravtodor currently manages 1,550,215 km of federal public roads. One ice crossing with a length of 7 km in Chukotka, the car section of the bridge across the Amur river in Khabarovsk with a length of 5,517 meters (including a bridge with ramps and two overpasses – 4,294.1 meters), 291 bridges with a length of 22,603.11 linear meters, and 1,357 culverts with a length of 35,593 linear meters.

The road network is located in three road climatic zones from Chukotka in the north to the Primorye Territory in the south, with fluctuations in the ambient air temperature in winter from minus 35 degrees celsius in the western regions of the the Jewish Autonomous Region to plus 1 degree celsius in the Primorsky Territory with strong snowstorms and significant snow cover in the winter period in Sakhalin, Chukotka and Kamchatka and a monsoon climate in Primorye.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s largest private companies working in the field of information security. The company operates in almost 200 countries and territories of the world, 37 offices are open in 32 countries. More than 3,700 highly qualified specialists work at Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab is an international company with a large-scale vision focused on the world market. In accordance with IFRS, our global unaudited revenue in 2016 amounted to USD 644 million.


HeadHunter is the largest online recruitment platform in Russia.

Today, the company ranks third in the world in popularity among job search portals and employees. HeadHunter’s clients include more than 1,000,000 organizations. The extensive database of candidates contains more than 42 million resumes, and the average daily number of vacancies exceeds 585 thousand.

SAMSUNG Electronics

Samsung Corporation was founded in Korea in 1938. Today Samsung Electronics is a large international company and global leader in the production and sale of consumer electronics, with its headquarters in South Korea. It has more than 326,000 employees working in 220 offices in 81 countries.

Sberbank Leasing

The Joint Stock Company Sberbank Leasing is one of the largest Russian leasing companies. Its sole shareholder is Sberbank of Russia.

The company is one of the top three leaders according to RA Expert ratings. RA Expert gave it a credit rating of A++ “Extremely high (highest) level of financial stability.”

The regional Sberbank Leasing network includes more than 40 branches in major cities across Russia and subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Sberbank Leasing finances projects in the real economy in order to facilitate the updating, modernisation and expansion of the fixed assets of Russian companies. Its clients include large, medium and small companies.


MegaFon is a universal telecom operator and one of Russia’s largest telecommunications companies. The company provides a full range of mobile and fixed-line services as well as broadband and mobile internet access across Russia. The company has more than 60 million clients from 83 Russian regions, Tajikistan, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


VympelCom is one of the world’s largest integrated telecommunications services operators with offices in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

In Russia VimpelCom provides services under the Beeline brand, this brand is one of the most popular and recognisable trademarks in Russia and the CIS. The company offers various in demand communication and data services.

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (MTS)

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC – is the leading telecommunications group in Russia and CIS providing mobile and fixed communication, Internet access, cable and satellite TV broadcasting, digital services and mobile applications, financial and e-commerce services, as well as convergent IT solutions in the field of system integration, the Internet of things, monitoring, data processing and cloud computing. Providing innovative services and solutions, MTS makes a significant contribution to the economic growth and improvement of the quality of life of tens of millions of people in the countries of operation.

In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Turkmenistan, about 110 million subscribers use mobile services from MTS Group. On the Russian market of mobile business, MTS is the traditional leader in the number of subscribers, revenues and business profitability.

MTS provides fixed telephony services, broadband Internet access and digital cable television in more than 200 cities in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. In total, more than ten million households are covered by fixed-line services in Russia.


Yota is an international brand which sells mobile devices, telecommunications equipment and mobile services. As of March 2015, the 4G network was commerically available in 39 Russian regions. 4G is set to be launched in other cities. At the end of 2014, Yota had 1.2 million subscribers.

In April 2014 the creation of a new mobile communication federal operator called Yota was announced based on the unified MegaFon and Skartel network.

Etalon Group

Etalon Group, founded in 1987, is currently one of the largest corporations in Russia’s development and construction sphere. The company implements projects of comfort, business and premium class in Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

In over 30 years of successful operation in the real estate market, Etalon Group has established itself as a reliable partner that guarantees complete and timely fulfillment of all its obligations under any market conditions.

Since 20 April 2011, Etalon Group’s global depositary receipts have been traded on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The company’s public status guarantees its transparency and openness.

The largest shareholder of the Etalon Group is AFK Sistema, a public Russian diversified holding company serving about 150 million consumers in industries that include telecommunications, high technology, banking, retail, timber processing, agriculture, real estate, tourism and medical services.

Vladivostok sales office: 17 Okeansky pr., BC Fresh Plaza, office 609. Tel. +7 (423) 279-07-05

Freight One

Freight One is the largest freight rail transportation operator Russia.

Freight One offers a full range of shipping services. Over 80% of our clients are leading Russian companies. 3,800 employees ensure the smooth running of the company. In 2013, Freight One transported more than 243.2 million tonnes of cargo, which was 18% of the total cargo shipped in Russia.

Core operations of Freight One:

  • handling of rolling stock;
  • forwarding services;
  • management of third party rolling stock.

Currently Freight One belongs to the international transport group Universal Cargo Logistics Holding (UCL Holding). The Group consists of several large railway operators with a branch network throughout Russia, stevedoring companies in the north-west and south of the country, Volga, North-Western and Western shipping companies, and a number of other shipping and logistics assets.


Hikvision is a global leader in video surveillance systems.  Hikvision, founded in 2001, has grown from a small organisation with 28 people to a global corporation that has more than 17,000 employees including 7,000 R&D engineers. Hikvision’s product line includes digital, network and hybrid recorders, video servers, video capture cards, high-definition IP-cameras, and high-speed PTZ dome cameras.

Hikvision’s global network comprises its head office in China and sales offices in 21 countries in Europe, Asia and America.  Hikvision products are used in more than 150 countries.

EY (Ernst & Young)

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and business advisory services. We provide services in all sectors of the economy worldwide.

EY is considered as one of the leading and most reputable consulting firms in all major spheres of its activities.

Currently EY has offices in 728 cities of 150 countries, and 190,000 employees.

With EY office opened in Moscow in 1989, we became the first international company providing professional services in the CIS. Over the past 25 years, our practice has created a broad corporate network: today 20 offices in nine CIS countries have 4,500 employees. We provide assurance and advisory services to more than 5,000 customers.


KPMG is the leader in providing audit services in Russia and one of the largest audit and consulting firms.

The mission of KPMG’s management is to analyze the situation on the market, develop a strategy and approaches to doing business.

Key factors in the success of KPMG firms around the world are a thoughtful approach to business, strict adherence to corporate values and our employees.

Moscow Technological Institute

MTI is currently one of Moscow’s largest universities with a wide experience in the use of modern technologies in education. MTI occupies one of leading positions in the “Modern Education” holding, which brings together a number of prestigious educational institutions with an aim to collaborate on the further development of the educational system in Russia.

In its activities the Moscow technological Institute combines fundamental traditions of Russian academic education and the latest achievements in the field of new educational technologies. This ensures that our students receive all the benefits of modern education. MTI affiliates operate in all major cities of the regions of Russia, in the CIS countries, as well as in the Czech Republic and the USA. We are developing a network of our representative offices in the world in order to track the current information and new trends in all spheres of business and education in the regions of Russia and business capitals of the world. By analyzing these data, we improve and update not only the curricula, but also educational services, always maintaining their quality at the highest level.

Wärtsilä East

Wärtsilä in Russia is a leading supplier of equipment and technologies for the energy and shipbuilding market. The company provides technical support 24/7 anywhere in the world. The proposed solutions not only guarantee safety when the ship is on the high seas, but also reduce operational costs and minimize the negative impact on the environment.


GEFCO (an abbreviation of “Les Groupages Express de Franche-Comté”) is one of the largest logistics operators in Europe and Russia, and the world’s leading provider of integrated logistics solutions.

GEFCO Russia was founded in 2003 and currently is in the TOP-3 among Russian and foreign logistics operators in Russia.

GEFCO offers a full range of logistics solutions and services for Russian and international companies of various sectors (automotive, industry, FMCG, electronics)..

JTI Russia

Our Company is a part of Japan Tobacco Group of Companies (JT) – leading international tobacco products manufacturer.

Today, JTI products are sold in 120 countries, with 26,000 employees. JTI’s headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the portfolio of JTI in the Russian market – three of the top ten brands in the country.

JTI is one of the largest foreign investors in Russia. To date, JTI’s total direct investment in the Russian economy has reached $ 1.9 billion.

In Russia there is the largest production center of the company in the world.


KYODO News is Japan’s largest news agency, a cooperative association of the leading Japanese newspapers and radio and television corporation.

The Agency provides subscribers the political, economic, scientific, sports and other information in Japanese and English. Distributes international information of own correspondents and foreign information agencies. Has agreements on information exchange with international agencies, including ITAR-TASS, AP, UPI, Reuters, etc.

The computer and digital technology shop e2e4

e2e4 first opened in Novosibirsk, and in 13 years has extended to 23 stores in 15 cities across Russia, earning a reputation as an honest seller that takes an unusual approach to both the sales system and the business organisation. e2e4 customers are smart and demanding, including IT specialists and people who value site functionality and competent service.

The shop format is unique, standing out from its competitors. The site functionality enables goods to be easily ordered at competitive prices, and e2e4 can be described as an online store, but purchases can easily be made offline. The stores do not have window displays, and e2e4 would be like a warehouse store, if it were not for the competent and courteous managers instead of faceless terminals. The managers offer advice on the advantages and disadvantages of different models and display each of them on the monitor. Upon buyer request, any product can be brought in and unpacked for a more detailed inspection.

POSEIDON Group Marine Agency

POSEIDON ТМС Agency (POSEIDON Group Marine Agency) has been working in corporate travel services since June 1993. We offer quality services in the field of corporate travel management, based on years of experience and professional team of our company.

High standards of service quality in the business tourism market.

Providing the company’s customers with a full range of services, continuous updating of existing and introduction of new ones.

Caring for a customer and finding ways to reduce the costs of business travel, we are developing an individual travel policy, using best practices in the field of TRAVEL MANAGEMENT

24/7/365 – round-the-clock support in difficult situations, booking of air tickets, railway tickets and hotels through online resources.

Polymer Goods

Polymer Goods is a team of young active professionals providing manufacturers with high quality polymer raw materials.

The company supplies imported polymer raw materials: polyethylene of low pressure (HDPE), polyethylene of high pressure (LDPE), linear low density polyethylene LLDPE, metallocene linear low density polyethylene (mLLDPE), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (of general purpose, impact resistant, expandable), polycarbonate (PC).

Direct contracts with world manufacturers of Southeast Asia: LOTTE Chemical Corporation, LG Chem, Ltd., Hanwha Chemical Corporation, Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.


The company was founded with the assistance of “Hokkaido Bank” (Japan, Sapporo) primarily to assist Japanese producers in finding partners and ways of selling their products in the Russian market. Also to assist Russian entrepreneurs in the realization of Russian goods in Japan.

– Investment advice
– Consultation in the field of logistics services
– Legal advice
– International consulting
– Marketing services
– Negotiations, communication


ANCOR Group was founded in 1990 and is one of the leaders in the personnel market in the CIS. Since 2012 ANCOR has worked on the global market in partnership with the international holding company Randstad.

Companies doing business in the holding provide services to corporate clients from different market segments, combining product, industry and local expertise. ANCOR is constantly searching for the best solutions for process security, management and organisation that involve human resources.

BCS Financial Group

BCS Financial Group was founded on 20 June 1995 in Novosibirsk. Over years of work in the stock market, FG BCS has acquired a well-deserved reputation as a reliable partner, both among investors and in the professional community.

Today FG BCS is one of the leaders in the Russian brokerage services market. It has an extensive branch network – as of 30 June 2015 there were 53 offices and 56 agent locations across major Russian cities. FG BCS is one of the leading operators on the Russian stock market in terms of its client base, with more than 130,000 clients using the brokerage services. The company is the outright leading Russian broker in terms of the number of clients (legal entities), with four thousand companies operating on the stock market through BCS.


GE has operated in Russia for almost 100 years, using international experience and localising advanced technologies in collaboration with strategic partners in the energy, oil and gas, transport and public health sector to address key infrastructure challenges in the region and to improve people’s lives.

Today, GE operates in 9 time zones and more than 35 cities across Russia.

All the GE business units are located in Russia that work in areas such as health, transport, aviation, electric power, oil and gas, water treatment, and lighting engineering.


RasonKonTrans was founded with the participation of Trading House Russian Railways and the port of Rajin (DPRK) and registered on 16 July 2008 in North Korea in the Rason special economic zone for a period of 49 years with the distribution of shares in the authorized capital: the Russian party, which is the investor of the project, has a 70% stake, and North Korea has a 30% stake (represented by rights to use the Rajin port).

The company was established to implement the project to build in North Korea convenient port infrastructure in the city of Rajin with access to the Rajin-Tumen railway station (Khasan RF) connected to the Khasan-Rajin Trans-Siberian railway and the subsequent operation of the infrastructure.

The opening of the Khasan-Rajin section was held in September of 2013.  During the reconstruction work the dual gauge track was replaced (1,520 mm and 1,435 mm), 30 artificial structures (including tunnels) were renovated, railway lines and 9 stations were built.

The official opening ceremony of the coal port was held in Rajin on 18 July 2014.  In the future, the terminal built in North Korea will receive 4-5 million tonnes of cargo annually. Currently, the main cargo received by the port is Russian coal.

About 70% of the terminal employees are Russian citizens. However, by the end of 2014 the ratio of Russians to Koreans at the company is expected to reverse, with only 30% of employees being Russian citizens. The total number of employees with a port freight turnover of  5 million tonnes will be about 400 people, with 60 to 100 of them being engineers and technical workers. The Rason Special Economic Zone, which includes the city of Rajin and Sonbon, was founded in 2010, and the special trade regime for this zone  entered into force in 2011 to attract foreign investment into the local economy.

Kuehne + Nagel Sakhalin

Kuehne + Nagel offers a full range of airfreight services, and the visibility and online tracking of shipments through the KN Login information management system. The import/export of airfreight on all international and domestic routes, connecting Russia with the largest global markets, and the shipment of goods to remote regions of the country.

Along with international shipments Kuehne + Nagel offers domestic shipments throughout Russia, thus ensuring the smooth delivery of goods throughout the supply chain. Regardless of the location of customers, Kuehne + Nagel can ship goods all across Russia and provide quick access to the local market.

“LT AGRO TRADE” Group of companies

LT AGRO TRADE Group of companies is an agricultural producer in the Far Eastern Federal District. The company organizes a full cycle of sowing and harvesting of rice, soybeans and corn on an area of 5000 hectares in Primorsky Krai.

Own material and technical base of the enterprise includes a plant for processing of raw rice and warehouses. Production lines for the production of cereals allow to process 60 tons per shift. The company’s fleet includes more than 20 units of specialized equipment, including tractors, combines, loaders and cars.

The company operates on the territory of the Russian Federation, all products are of domestic origin, confirmed by certificates and declarations of conformity.

Republic fast food restaurant

The Republic fast food restaurant is a café and brewery of the city restaurant chain located directly in the Fresh Plaza business center. The menu includes a wide selection of dishes prepared in an open kitchen, a rich selection of beer and all kinds of snacks. Here you can have a full lunch or a quick snack. The food is prepared in such a way that it is convenient to take it with you.

The hall has the ability to connect to WiFi, you can use the provided parking. The restaurant offers home delivery and off-site dining.

“LaTa” LLC (Melange Cafe)

Melange coffee house chain. Retail trade of tea, coffee, cocoa, and cocktails and fresh pastries of our own production.


The company renders services to a number of embassies, including the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Malta, France, Greece, the Czech Republic to receive documents for processing all categories of visas from applicants and issuing ready-made visas.

The united visa service center performs the administrative function: verification and initial processing of documents. The decision on issuing or not issuing a visa is taken by the embassy (consulate) of the country the applicant is going to visit.

Two / three weeks is the standard deadline for processing documents at the embassy or consulate.

In the visa center you can issue visas to nineteen European countries of the Schengen area.

Face Time

The first face lifting studio in Vladivostok. Separate entrance from Mordovtseva street.

The studio is open from 9AM to 9PM.
Contacts: +7 (908) 454-56-09
Instagram @face_time_studio_vl